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26th May 2018

Gym/Sports Club Challenge

Prove that your gym/sports club/sports team/fitness group is toughest in the region by taking on the famous Tough Guy and Gal Challenge in the Gym Challenge!

In this ultimate off road challenge your group will test themselves on a course that includes swamps, net climbs, natural and man made obstacles, mud mud and more mud.

How it works?!
Available for the 6km course option at specific events only (see event dates below)

Teams must have a minimum of 5 team members, there are no maximum number of members. You are still entered individually and all have individual placing’s recorded, but you are also linked under a team name. All team members must be members or employees of the gym/sport club.

The Gym Challenge trophy will be awarded to the first team of five competing in the 6km event. Your combined individual placings will be used to calculate your overall team placing. Plus – all your team members are eligible for individual grade positions. For example; if your top 5 team places are 14th Male, 22nd Male, 32nd Male, 4th Female and 19th Female mean your team total is 14 + 22 + 32 + 4 + 19 = 91 points

What is the cost to enter?
Standard or bulk entry fees apply for all teams. Cost is $65 per person until the end of April. From the 1st May until two weeks before event date price is $70 per person then goes up to $80. If you have a group of 20 or more people then you are eligible for the bulk entry discount which is $60 per person. Bulk entries must be in at least 2 weeks prior to the event.

How to register a Gym/Club Team
Option 1: If you would like to enter into the Gym Challenge please get your team manager to register a team by selecting the “Register New Team” from the home page of the online registration page.

Once you have created a new team with a name and password you will then receive an email with this information. As the team manager you can either enter all your team members yourself or forward the email with your team name and password onto your team members to enter themselves.

  1. Click on the “Tough Guy & Gal’s Register Here” button on the online registration page
  2. Each person needs to select the venue you wish to compete at
  3. Under that venue option you will see the Gym Challenge – 6km only entry type
  4. You must select this entry type and proceed onto the next page
  5. At the bottom of the next page is where you will be asked for your team name and password
  6. You can then continue with your registration to the payment section and once payment has been made your Gym Challenge entry is complete.

Option 2: You can fill in entry forms and email them with proof of payment to jenna@eventpromotions.co.nz or post them along with payment or proof of payment to: Tough Guy & Gal PO Box 324 Rotorua 3040

What you can win
The winning team at each venue will take home a stunning Gym/Club Trophy and prize! So you can get together after the event to celebrate your achievements.

Gym Challenge Dates and Venues
Wellington – Saturday 26th May
Hamilton – Sunday 10th June
Auckland – Sunday 1st July
Hawke’s Bay – Sunday 29th July
Palmerston North – Saturday 4th August
Rotorua – Saturday 18th August


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