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26th May 2018



How do I join a team?
There are no teams within the Tough Guy and Gal Challenge unless you are part of the Corporate Challenge. Everyone is an individual so you all register separately however you can run together on the day, providing you are completing the same distance. The group discount is for groups of 20 or more people where you get a discount for having more than 20 people but everyone is still an individual entry.

How do I create a Corporate Team?
You need a team of at least 5 people. There is no maximum number in a team but they all must be employees, relatives, partners of, contractors, or suppliers to the company.  There are two options to enter a Corporate Team, full instructions can be found on the Corporate Challenge page.

How do I enter a Group?
Option 1: Email jenna@eventpromotions.co.nz with the number of competitors you wish to enter, we will then send you an invoice, and once the invoice has been paid we will allocate you with a pin code. This means you will be able to enter yourself and your group through our online system, or provide your group with the pin code so they can enter themselves online.

If you have more people that would like to enter at a later date, email us again with the remaining total of people that would like to enter, we will then send you another invoice. Once payment has been accepted for the second group we will allocate another pin code for that number of people. Please Note: This option ONLY applies if you have 5 or more people to add to your group

Option 2: Get your team to fill out entry forms. Send these in ALL TOGETHER with one payment (either cheque or direct deposit)

For more information please phone 07 348 3301 or email jenna@eventpromotions.co.nz

Where do I collect my merchandise from?
You collect your merchandise at the registration of the event you are going to. There will be a signed merchandise table where you can collect your pre-purchased merchandise or buy extra merchandise (cash or cheque only.) If your merchandise is not collected on the day of the event and is required to be posted out after the event there will be a $5 postage fee.

Can I get a refund?
No refunds will be given within 7 days of each event – no exceptions. A $10.00 administration fee will apply prior to this date. In a case of a natural disaster, entry fees will not be refunded.

Can I transfer my entry to my friend?
Yes you can transfer your entry onto someone for no cost! We need an entry form to be filled out from your replacement which can be posted or email back to us.

Can I transfer my entry to another event/day/venue?
Transfers may be made between other Tough Guy & Gal events up until two weeks before the event free of charge. Any changes of event dates within two weeks of the event will incur a transfer fee of $10.

Where can I see my photos from the event?
Official event photos will be available at www.marathon-photos.com after the event.


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