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Next City to Surf
5th Nov 2017

Course Description

City to Surf 12km

The 12km event starts outside the Tauranga Yacht and Power Boat Club on Mirrielies Rd, Sulphur Point (Tauranga) and heads over the Harbour Bridge, down Totara Street, through Coronation Park, along Pilot Bay, around the stunning base track of the Mount and finish on the main beach outside the Mount Surf Club.

Surf to Surf 5km

The 5km event starts on the Mount main beach outside the Mount Surf Club, and heads along the beach towards Leisure Island for 350m. Competitors then turn right onto the boardwalk and head back towards the Surf Club, turning left onto Adams Ave before turning right and going clockwise around the base track of the Mount, exiting onto the boardwalk and finishing along the sand on the main beach.


Course Description

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