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Junior Tough Guy&Gal
8th Jun 2017

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Cycling Tips

  1. ALWAYS wear a helmet, no exceptions!!
  2. Wear cycling gloves and sunglasses.
  3. Don’t ride your aero bars through town except in near zero traffic conditions. Your time delay in getting onto the brakes from the aero position may be the critical difference in avoiding an accident.
  4. Don’t ride a bike wearing headphones/ipod. Being able to hear cars approaching from behind is vital.
  5. If riding at night wear plenty of reflective clothing, don’t wear dark colours. Have plenty of lighting especially red tail lights.
  6. When approaching cars parked on your side of the road be wary of an opening door.
  7. Be careful on wet or icy wintry mornings. Watch the road surface for ice signs, don’t lean too much on the corners, and don’t apply too much front brake. Also avoid the road markings when wet, they can be very slippery.
  8. If you are riding in an event like the 100K Flyer get used to riding on someone else’s wheel and riding in a bunch.
  9. If you are heading out on a long ride make sure you take enough water, food, clothing, cash and your cell phone. Take at least one spare tyre/tube.

Training Program

Weeks to GoWeek BeginningMonday (easy)Wednesday (hard)Saturday or Sunday (easy)
122 January10km10km10km
119 January10km15km20km
1016 January10km20km30km
923 January15km25km40km
830 January15km30km40km
76 February15km35km50km
613 February20km40km60km
520 February20km45km60km
427 February25km50km70km
36 March25km50km70km
213 March30km50km70km
120 March30km40km EVENT DAY

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Training Tools