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Junior Tough Guy&Gal
8th Jun 2017

Start Times

8.30am: Early Start – for those who expect to take longer than 4.5 hours (read more below)
9.20am: Elite Start
9.30am: Main Start

The 100k Flyer event will start in Ward Ave, outside the Copthorne Hotel, Rotorua. All riders must be at the start line by 9.15am for race briefing (or 8.20am for the Early Start)

For safety reasons the following format will be in place for the start of the event. Riders will be requested to position themselves in their estimated finish time category on the start line (there will be signs to indicate the groupings). This is essential for the safety of riders, as riders will be riding in a pack of similar ability and therefore minimize the need to pass others. Please note: The first three placing of each grade will be by gun time.

  1. Elite Start
  2. All tandems start.
  3. All riders sub 2 hours 30 min
  4. All riders 2 hours 30 min – 2 hours 45 min
  5. All riders 2 hours 45 min – 3 hours
  6. etc….

Early Start – Riders over 4.5 hours

Any riders expecting to complete the course in a time over 4hours 30mins are requested to start at 8.30am. Please be on the start line by 8.20am. The lead vehicle will not exceed an average speed of 22km per hour and no rider is permitted to pass this vehicle from this start group. Instant disqualification will occur if a rider from the special start group passes this vehicle.

Grade and Prize Information


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