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Day Night Thriller
23rd Sep 2017

Entry Information

Online entries are now closed for the Rotorua Secondary Schools Challenge!! The event is held at Lakes Ranch, opposite Hell’s Gate, Rotorua on Friday the 25th of August. Registration is from 8.30am-9.30am.

Entry fees are $45 per person. This is a special rate for schools that is only available for the Secondary School Events. This fee will go up to $60 per person prior to two weeks before each event.

How to Enter
Option 1:
Email jenna@eventpromotions.co.nz with the number you wish to enter, we will then send you an invoice, once we receive confirmation that this invoice has been paid we will allocate you with a pin code. You can then enter your students through our online system, or provide your students with the pin code so they can enter themselves online.

If you have more students that would like to enter at a later date, you can just email us again with the remaining total of students that would like to enter, we will then send you another invoice. Once payment has been accepted for the second group we will allocate another pin code for that number of students


Option 2:
Email jenna@eventpromotions.co.nz with your school numbers, and we will send you back an invoice for this number. Once the payment is made and we have proof of payment we will send you back an Excel Spreadsheet with a bulk waiver for you to fill in with all of your student’s details. Once we receive the completed spreadsheet and bulk waiver, we will confirm your spots.

Please Note: All information on the spreadsheet MUST be filled in correctly and all fields must be completed otherwise the spreadsheet will not be accepted.

Option 3:
Enter yourself online. Only credit card payment is accepted here.
Entry numbers are limited! We are only able to accept 1000 entries per race due to NZQA restrictions. We will be working on a first in first serve basis. Entries will ONLY be confirmed once we have your completed school list, bulk waiver and PAYMENT. No entries can be confirmed, nor can places be reserved until we have ALL of this information.

For more information and to get the spreadsheet or pin code please email jenna@eventpromotions.co.nz

Event Venues

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Training Plans

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Refunds and Transfers

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