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Rotorua Offroad Half
4th Mar 2018

Training Tools

Training Schedule – Half Marathon (For Quarter Marathon, halve times)

Weeks to go      Monday (easy/flat)      Wednesday (hills)       Weekend (slow)
10                           20 min                                   20 min                                  30 min
9                              25 min                                   25 min                                  35 min
8                              30 min                                  30 min                                  40 min
7                              35 min                                   35 min                                  45 min
6                              40 min                                  40 min                                  50 min
5                              45 min                                  45 min                                   60 min
4                              45 min                                  45 min                                   75min
3                              50 min                                  50 min                                  90 min
2                              50 min                                  60 min                                  90 min
1                              50 min                                  50 min                                  HALF MARATHON DAY!


Training Tips

Training tips from Run For Your Life Coaching

Run For Your Life is an online coaching business run by Athletics NZ registered coach Alison King who wants to share her joy of running with the masses. Catering for everyone from complete newbies to those tackling their first or more marathons, you can find training resources, programmes and more at www.runforyourlifecoaching.co.nz.

Training Tip #1 – Train on hills.
There aren’t too many hills in the off-road half but the ones that are there can slow you down significantly if you aren’t trained for them. Add a hill reps session to your programme once a week but make sure your form isn’t compromised – you want to run them strong.

Training Tip #2 – Check your shoes.
You don’t need to wear specialty trail shoes for this race but you do need to wear shoes that are suited for your feet and aren’t worn out from past runs. Do the twist test to check – hold your shoe at each end and twist. It should feel firm. And old shoe, or one that doesn’t have proper support will twist easily.

Training Tip #3 – Eating on the run
If you are new to running long distances you might need to eat during the race. Start practicing now on your long and middle distance runs. You want to make sure that the fuel you are taking on board doesn’t create any gut issues as well as teach your digestive system that this will happen.

Training Tip #4 – Practice passing runners in close proximity.
There are some sections of the race where you will run on singletrack or narrow footpath. Chances are you will want to get past. Practice running with others and take turns to pass one another as close as you can get. You will improve your confidence on race day.

Training Tip #5 – Run less to run faster
Add a couple of cross-training sessions to your weekly routine to give your running legs a break. Swimming is great for aerobic fitness while pilates and yoga can help your flexibility and core strength.

Training Tip #6 – Increase your pace
Include a section of increased pace at the end of your long runs to get used to adding a kick when you’re almost finished and starting to feel tired. Anything from five to 15 minutes will help and could be the difference between fading in the final kilometre or passing several others.

Training Tip #7 – Make sure you taper.
The final two weeks before your race are when you should reduce your training significantly, in the last week you want to be running easy and only for short distances. You have already built up your fitness, now you can only refine it. Don’t add in workouts you have missed or take part in strenuous activity.

Training Tools

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