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5th Nov 2017

Entry Fee Information

Rotorua Junior Tough Guy and Gal SOLD OUT!!

How much does it cost and how do I enter?

Early Bird Fee
$20 per entrant

Late Entry Fee
$25 per entrant (starts two weeks prior to each each)

Entry Options
Once you know your total amount of competitors please email aimee@eventpromotions.co.nz and let her know your School Name, which event you will be attending and your confirmed numbers. She will then email through an invoice for payment, once payment has been made and a remittance receipt of proof of payment has been emailed back, Aimee will let you know how you can get your group entered.

There are four ways that you can enter the event:

Pin Code
We can issue you with a Pin Code for the amount of competitors you have paid for. You (along with help from others if you choose too) can then enter them online using this pin code.

We have a specific excel spreadsheet which you can fill in with all your competitors information and then email it back to us and we will then get you entered. If the spreadsheet is not filled in as per the example it will not be accepted.

Parents Enter Children Online Themselves
You can get the parents to enter their child online themselves. There is a question section where they must put in their school name and tick a box to say if the Teacher or themselves are picking up the race bag on the day of the event. As long as they put in your full school name and tick the box to say Teacher will collect the race bag then I will be able to link you all together and have everything waiting for you on the day of the event. 
– If you are entering one person or a small group of people you can either go online and enter with credit card. Click here to enter online.

Entry Form
Click Here to Download Entry Form. You can then either post it back to us along with cheque or proof of payment or you can email it to aimee@eventpromotions.co.nz along with proof of payment.

Payment and Entry Policy for School Groups
Each event is limited to 1000 kids and spots cannot be saved. Entries will not be processed into our system until payment has been received.

Because numbers are growing so much Event Promotions is tightening up on our payment and entries policy. Please read the two points below to avoid missing out on getting your school entered.

  1. Entries will not be processed into our system until proof of payment has been received – no exceptions! Even if you have emailed your spreadsheet through with all your entries we will not process those entries into our online system (where children get entered and receive a bib number) until we have received proof of payment from your school. To avoid disappointment please make sure you get your entries in at least three weeks before the event date.
  2. The late fee for each of the events kicks in two weeks before the event date. Any entries that are received within two weeks of the event date WILL be charged the late fee ($25pp) for their entries – no exceptions.

Event Information

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